The Brushtail Philosophy

Many of us brew and drink coffee every single day. It is a recurring ritual which, when tallied, amounts to hours of a month, days of a year, and even months or years of our lives. For many of us, it is the first thing we give ourselves each morning. It is how we greet our brains, and begin the POST (Power On Self-Test).

No coffee should be scorned. The simple fact that we exist in a time which coffea cultivation, transport, and roasting can be completed on a scale that puts coffee into our hands, is nothing to take for granted. However, there are countless choices to be made at each stage in the life of a coffee bean, each of which offers an array of flavor potential. 

Brushtail Coffee was started by Toby Walker, in July of 2020, out of a determination to accelerate gratefulness, in something which many of us tend to daily, coffee. It is the Brushtail Philosophy that each morning should be gratefully received, and there is no better way than with a cup of carefully curated and fresh-roasted coffee.
Brushtail's Coffee Rig