Frequently Asked Questions



How much is shipping?

Shipping is free on all orders.

Do you have a subscription service?  How does it work?

Yes, we do!  It's called The Rookery!  Brushtail Coffee will provide a curated variety of coffees just for you!  Go to the Subscriptions Page and select both your desired frequency and desired quantity.  For instance, you can have one 12 oz bag of coffee sent each two weeks, or have three 20 oz bags sent each month.  We will freshly roast and ship your coffee, to your specific needs.  

Who are you?

Brushtail Coffee is run by Toby Walker, in Scotts, MI, with constant contributions from friends and family.  Brushtail's artwork is provided by Ethan Barnowsky.  

How do you roast your coffee beans?

Brushtail Coffee is a "DIY" project, using a metal drum from RK Drums, a gas grill, and some (in my estimation) clever engineering from my father (he is still being paid in coffee).  Using a setup like this, each roast requires special attention.  There is no "roast profile" to set and forget.  To roast, I rely heavily on sound, smell, smoke, and familiarity with my beans and process.   

How dark do you roast your beans?

Since each bean is different, it varies slightly from origin to origin.  In general, Brushtail Coffee is roasted to a "medium" level, or some may say "Full City Plus."  

Do you have a dark roast?

Yes, we currently do!  The Peru and Uganda Dark Blend.  This blend is specifically curated to match the more toasted and "burnt" flavors of a darker roast.  In "Third Wave" terms, this roast lands somewhere between a Viennese Roast and a French Roast.  

Is your coffee Smithsonian Bird Friendly?  Organic?  Fair-Trade Certified?  Direct-Trade?  Shade grown?  Rainforest Alliance Certified?  

The answer to many of these questions may be yes, depending on the bean.  Please feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions regarding a particular ethical aspect of any of our beans.  We rely on third-party importers for this information, though we aim to one day establish direct relationships with farms and processing facilities, all over the realm.  

What is a brushtail?

Our namesake, the brushtail penguin, also known as pygoscelis, is a genus of penguin which contains 3 separate species: The gentoo, the adélie, and the chinstrap.